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2012 International Development Conference at the University of Toronto

3 février 2012

You are invited to attend the 2012 International Development Conference at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

THE CONFERENCE : A student-led, multidisciplinary conference on international development that aims to create an inclusive environment in which students, practitioners and academics in international development can engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue about some of the world’s most important and intractable issues.

THEME - VOICES OF DEVELOPMENT : What does having a voice mean in the field of international development ? Who is being heard, and who remains silent ? Who is listening, and to whom ? Who are these silent voices ? Why are they silent ? What are the implications of their silence ? And what can we as participants in the conference learn from analyzing the issue ? This conference will ask critical questions of development, and through panel discussions and workshops, work toward answers. It will give participants an opportunity to hear a diverse range of voices, and will ensure that all those involved are given a chance to be heard. Keynote speakers include Rebecca Tiessen, Canada Research Chair in Global Studies and Leadership, and Jean-Marc Mangin-Executive Director of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND : Students, academics, and practitioners engaged in development, as well as the broader community

WHERE : The University of Toronto Scarborough

WHEN : February 3rd and 4th, 2012

WHY : We believe it is imperative that students in development have meaningful opportunities to connect with each other, and with the broader development community. We also believe that in order for us to confront the challenges that lie ahead, but also understand the problems of our past, we must find ways to include more perspectives into development discourse. This conference aims to provide a forum where these perspectives can be heard.

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